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What day is today? SPF DAY!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

"Every Day is a Sunscreen Day" - Cheryl THE WORKS creates a custom blend sunscreen that is meant to be worn every day. It is a

Broad Spectrum. This means you are protected from:

  • UVB rays - cause sunburns

  • UVA rays - put you at more risk for skin cancer

Many people say," but I am not going outside." Cheryl, Owner of THE WORKS SKINCARE often replies, "You have windows in your home? Do you have a computer screen and a cell phone screen? We need protection when near our windows and the blue light that is coming from these screens. Our sunscreen is easy to apply, spray, or cream. Why not take the 3 seconds and protect yourself? Unless you don't go outside OR use electronics..."

Let's keep it simple. Here are your easy steps for a quick routine to protect your skin! Step 1. Use a quarter sized amount or your mineral brush. Step 2. Apply everywhere you have skin. Step 3. Bring your SPF with you to reapply. After you have applied your serum, apply SPF. It is an all in one moisturizer and sun protection. It nourishes the skin and is even water-resistant for longer protection. Remember, buy one of the mineral sunscreens for your bag because if you are going to be outside for an extended period of time or in the water, you MUST re-apply. This goes for powerhouse techies on their screens for 24/7 as well. If you would like to try our sunscreen, free samples are available. Please call: (760) 434-5663

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