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Maskne | What is it and How to Get Rid of It?!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Do you have MASKNE? Maskne is the term coined during the 2020 Pandemic that began happening when people were wearing masks for multiple hours per day.


The build up of bacteria & sweat & the consistent friction of the mask causes breakouts in the area it's worn. This happens even to people who don't normally suffer from acne. Don't let this curb your confidence... If you're experiencing MASKNE, contact Your Esthetician, Cheryl Goodheim for an appointment at THE WORKS.


Cheryl has a proven solution for you and your appointment will consist of a consultation and a 1-month supply of customized skincare that will help you! THE WORKS appreciates you for wearing your masks, let her help you with that MASKNE skin problem.

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