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Melanoma Awareness Extends Past MAY

Your skin needs to be cared for EVERY DAY! We know that MAY brings the push for self-checks as the #NationalMelanomaAwareness month but we really need to focus on this EVERYDAY.

Every day wear SPF.

Every day do your skincare routines (that can help you notice new spots or areas of concern!)

Every month, see your esthetician.

Every spot- check it and get it checked with your Derm!

The benefit of working with an esthetician regularly is that they know your skin and pay attention to changes along with you. It's always nice to have a second set of eyes available to keep you healthy & glowing!

If you know Cheryl at THE WORKS, you know that her FAVORITE saying is, "Every day is SPF day!" That's important to remember. All day, every day, wear your SPF.

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